sFileManager v.24a

released 4/18/03
web based file manager
Simple File Manager (SFM) is a web based file management utility. It is designed to be used by those that don't want to use ftp or SHOULD NOT use ftp. It can be dropped into a specific directory and give access to that directory as well as any directory below it, including those created by SFM. It can be placed in a specific directory and configured to give access to other directories outside of its location (centralized). SFM gives its user upload, rename, delete, directory creation as well as directory navigation (within its tree limits), as well as Create New File; it also includes an image viewer, text viewer and mime type downloading.
- Added Support Forum
- SFM to be included in April issue of Linux magazine.
- Create New File function [NEW]
- Limit filetypes available for new files. [NEW]
- Limit directores within new files can be created. [NEW]
- Copy / Move (CpMv) function [NEW]
- Directory Upload/MkDir block [NEW]
- Authenticate the user (optional).
- Internal text Editor (optional).
- Specify which file extensions can be edited.
- Add and remove directories (optional).
- Specify the max hard drive space allowed.
- Specify the max file size allowed.
- Specify filenames that NO MODIFICATION is allowed.
- Specify filenames that MAY NOT BE UPLOADED.
- Sort file list by filename, type and size.
- Define default sort order.
- Definable hidden file / directory names.
- Definable character filter from filename.
- Option to TURN-OFF files with specific extensions.
- Internal text file viewer.
- Internal image viewer with zoom function.
- Definable external directory access.

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SFM to be included in Linux Magazine CDRom in April '03

Please post any bugs and/or problems at : http://sourceforge.net/projects/onedotoh/

This program is distributed under a GNU General Public License (GPL). Please read the GNU License file for more information about how you can distribute the program. http://www.gnu.org/home.html